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"I love you as I love the Hatchetfish,"

"with bland eyes gaping like sores,"

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"the Sawbelly and the Wolf-eel"

Illustrations from Bathypelagic Love, with the poem "The Ugly" by John Glenday

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some words / die / caged -- / they're / difficult / to translate

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teach them / how to fly / and one day / they go away / in flocks
Illustrations from Poetry and Birds with the poem "Words are Birds" by Francisco X. Alarcon

And everyone said, who saw them go,.jpg

They sailed away in a Sieve, they did, in a Sieve they sailed so fast, With only a beautiful pea-green veil
Tied with a riband by way of a sail
To a small tobacco-pipe mast;

All night long they sailed away.jpg

And all night long they sailed away; And when the sun went down,
They whistled and warbled a moony song
To the echoing sound of a coppery gong,
In the shade of the mountains brown.

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And they bought an Owl, and a useful Cart,
And a pound of Rice, and a Cranberry Tart,
And a hive of silvery Bees

Illustrations from Lands Where the Jumblies Love with the poem "Jumblies" by Edward Lear

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"lots of fish this time, in the net of the heart"

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Keep of Silence p 23.png

Illustrations to accompany the poem, "Fishing in the Keep of Silence" by Linda Gregg.

Illustrations from Sheltered Place, with "Noust" by John Glenday

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"lark for the sun"

"heart in the noust"
From Sheltered Place with the poem "Noust" by John Glenday

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Ming, Ming
Such a lovely
thing blue
and white


they would
be lovely
filled with
rice or


Illustrations to accompany the poem, "Masterworks of Ming" by Kay Ryan.

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