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I have been making illustrated books for over thirty years, beginning with tiny books for family and expanding now to books intended for children and grown-ups, all who like poetry and pictures. I am working on a series of illustrated books using contemporary poetry to guide me.  I also search for poems in the headlines of newspapers for my Found Poetry project. I work with watercolor, woodcut prints, linocuts, and cut paper. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. Some of my books have been published under the imprint, ALLYNPAPERWORKS, which you can find here.

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"who would eat hunger itself / had it pith and gristle enough," 2022
watercolor and gouache, cut paper; 9 x 12 inches each
Included in 
Bathypelagic Love, with "The Ugly" by John Glenday, published by AllynPaperworks, 2022

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"and especially those too terrible or sly," 2022
watercolor and gouache, cut paper, 9 x 12 inches, each
Included in Bathypelagic Love, with "The Ugly" by John Glenday, published by AllynPaperworks, 2022

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"bracing for a cold winter," 2023
transfer drawing and watercolor on paper; poem from The New York Times, 2023. Included in Side Steps published by AllynPaperworks,  2023.

'getting a look at powerful memories," 2022
watercolor and pencil on paper; poem excavated from headlines in The New York Times.
Included in Found Poems, published by AllynPaperworks, 2022. 

Illustrations to accompany the poem, "Jumblies" by Edward Lear.
watercolor on paper, 12 x 14 inches (approx) each
Included in From Lands Where the Jumblies Live, published by AllynPaperworks, 2020

And in twenty years they all came back.j

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Thanks for visiting. Check PROJECTS for more work and FOUND POEMS for more poems. 

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